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WWW-buyinfo -
Where I've been doing the most damage, lately. Originally started as a technical list on web commerce, it has become a watering hole for people involved in the business end of web-commerce -- partly because I've been spamming it with e$ juicy-bits from cypherpunks... ;-). Don't do that anymore, now that I've set up the e$ lists, but www-buyinfo's still there...

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Electronic Payments Roadmap -
Phill Hallam-Baker's official, canonical, mother-of-all-lists of all known internet payment protocols and other cool stuff.


The rest of these are in alphabetical order.Thanks to Mark Bernkopf at Bruce Morgan Associates and Jim Choate for compiling this list. If anyone has any more websites they'd like to put here, just send 'em on in.


Banking and Finance -

Banking on the WWW -

Collect All Relevant Information, a transaction system that doesn't require live transmission of sensitive data.

Cybercash Inc. -
Secure transaction over the internet, using credit and cash payment systems.

Digicash -
Electronic transaction products include ecash; find the links to ecash-centric 'cybershops'.

EFF Topical Index -

Electronic Commerce -

Electronic Commerce Resources -

Electronic Payment over Open Networks -

FIRST Security Papers -

First Virtual -
Secure internet-based system that uses the WWW and email for digital payment transactions.

Internet Banking -
White paper on electronic commerce

Money and Payments Systems -

NetChex -
Secure transactions over the internet, using a bank account debit system.

Network Payment Mechanisms and Digital Cash -
Overview of trands and techniques, with several useful links for additional

Online Banking and Financial Services Home Page -

Payment Mechanisms Designed for the Internet -

Security First -


Updated: Feb 10, 1997

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