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We operate three mailing lists: e$, e$pam, and Ne$ws. Click here to see the original announcement

e$ is an open, unmoderated, and free "watering hole" list devoted to discussions about financial cryptography, digital commerce, and the consequences of both on society. In order to keep cross-posting off of the e$pam source lists, e$pam's reply-to header is set to e$. You should subscribe to both if you're subscribed to e$pam, or you can just subscribe to to e$ if you want.

e$pam is a filtered list of messages from other e-mail lists, newsgroups, and web sites. I joke that it's my spam-channel to the universe. In other words, it doesn't say "e$pam" unless I say it says "e$pam". ;-). If you were on www-buyinfo and liked what I did there, I hope you like e$pam. In the long run, we'll be setting it up for paid-subscriptions. However, the first 1000 subscribers are grandfathered in, especially if they were www-buyinfo subscribers. Eventually we'll have some way for people who are already subscribed to an e$pam source list to filter it out, so they don't have to read it twice. When we do take paid subscriptions for e$pam, we'll be accepting payment in ecash (see Mark Twain Bank's home page). Sort of like "eating your own dog food", as Mr. Bill once said. (would that he ate more...)

Ne$ws will be a monthly electronic newsletter with original content by myself and others. It will eventually be paid-subscription only, but for the time being, it will be free.

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Updated: February 15, 1997